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Born in Noda City Japan, Chiba prefecture December 2, 1931. Hatsumi graduated from Meiji University of Medicine in Tokyo, as a Home Tzugi (Osteopathic Doctor) with a major in theatre studies. He is respected as an accomplished practitioner of the ancient Japanese medical techniques of Seikotsu (natural healing), in addition Dr. Hatsumi is an accomplished artist of brush and ink, in the Nihonja style. His art work has been exhibited in the Nagai Gallery of Tokyo and in Paris, France.
Masaaki Hatsumi spent his youth training in a number of martial arts amongst which he was highly accomplished in judo, karate, aikido, traditional budo and western boxing.

During this early period he was assigned to teach judo at an American air force base near Tokyo. It was here that he came upon the truth that the larger and more athletic Americans could achieve in a very short time what would take the smaller Japanese years of study. He thought, "What good is a fighting system where victory is decided mostly on size and strength" He then started searching for the kind of Budo that did not depended on the size, strength of the opponent in order to win. It was during this search that he heard of a great martial artist from Nara in the West of Japan known as Toshitsugu Takamatsu.

When Hatsumi first met his future teacher he said he felt stuck by the presence of this powerful man and that for the first time he had the feelingThat all the martial arts training he learned before " was a waste of time." Through this encounter Hatsumi would take the night train of Saturday evening to arrive Sunday morning every week for his apprenticeship in the nine lineages he would later inherit as soke.

The following are some of the awards presented to Dr Hatsumi:

The Cross Medal, and Sun Medal from Juan Carlos, King of Spain
• Letter of Thanks from President Bush.
• Letter of Thanks from Prince Charles.
• The Secretary of State for the Environment, and the Japanese Ambassador to London.
• Letter of Thanks from the F.B.I.
• Award from the U.S.A. Sports Minister, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
• Honorary membership of the Texas Rangers.
• Letter of Thanks from the Texas State Governor.
• Letter of Thanks from the Texas State Governor.
• Leadership Award from Hillsdale University.
• Award from the New Jersey State Legislature.
• Award from the Japan Cultural Association.
• Award from the British Secretary of State for National Heritage.
• Award from the London Metropolitan Police.
• Award from the Mayor of London.
• Award from the City of Belfast, Northern Ireland.